I have developed a tip sheet for basketball fundamentals, it is very helpful for coaching kids and parents. Please feel free to use it for teaching basketball. Let me know if you find it useful. Good luck. 



Basketball Tips

by Geoff Shurtleff, 

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Babel Fish Translation                                                              

Know What's Going On   Push Ball With Fingers  
The Score, Fouls   Head Up  
Study Your Opponent   Lower Dribble When Closely Guarded  
Right Handed or Left Handed   Body Between Defender and Ball  
Do They Like to Drive   Use Both Hands  
Type of Defense They are In   Elbow Close to Body  
Who is Hot      
Offensive Plays      

Lay - Ups They are not easy   Jump Shot, (One Handed)  
Off The Back Board   Elbow In  
Concentrate   Release Ball Up - Not Out  
Jump off the Left Foot for a Right Handed lay-up, Vice Versa   Wrist - Finger Flip with fore finger being last to touch the ball  
    Eyes on the Spot over the Front of the Rim  

Be ready to rebound and Thank the passer when you score.

Eye Contact   Block-Out (Between Man & Basket)  
Crisp Two Handed Pass   Flex Knees  
Pass to Target - Outside shoulder   Eye On Ball  
Step to Receive   Timing  
    Long Rebounds on 3 Point Attempts  
    Remember the shooter will know best on where rebound will be. .  
Eye On the Ball   Eye on the Ball  
Don't Force Shots or Passes   Between Man and Basket  
Shoot if Open   Never Rest on Defense  
Put Offensive Rebound Back Up   Hands Up  
Get Back Fast on Turnovers   Watch the Hips  
    Slide, Don't Cross Legs  
    Be Aggressive, Go For Steals  
2-1-2 Zone   Half Court Trap  
Zone Defense Movement   Guards Double Team player with the Ball once he has crossed the half court line.  
Move Toward the Ball    
Stay In Your Zone (Circle)   Center & Forwards Look to Intercept Passes.  
Hands Up    
Have Fun  
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